AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe 3.16

AllMyNotes Organizer is designed to keep huge amounts of random information, it helps to save it in flexible hierarchy, restrict access to it with a password, and, most importantly – comfortably navigate and search in all your records. AllMyNotes offers an alternative concept of data management, pretty simple one – a free form, data management. It provides you few simple tools (notes, tables, alarms, checkboxes, etc.), and you can build your information in any way you want! No more limits, no strictly defined fields, just feel the concept and start building your information brick-by-brick.
Key features:

Hierarchical organization of your random information (free-form tree);
Rich tech editing features;
In-text calulator;
Very fast real-time Global Search;
Advanced data storage format (support >4Gb files, very fast, 1800-bit data encryption);
Alarms (can be inserted at any text position);
File attachments (with preview for images);
Tables (including sorting);
Built-in Strong Password Generator utility;
Call phones by double-click (Skype, or any other voip app);
Quick data Capture (via system tray icon);
Smooth texts/lists scrolling;
Automatic backups (history);
Import/export from/to (html, rtf, knt, txt, gif, png, bmp, jpeg, and some others);
A Free edition is available for data access/editing on PC where Deluxe edition is not installed;
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6 votes Vote

When searching the search term is gray - make Red

When searching the search term is gray - make Red or better yet - let the user decide a color
Richard, 07.02.2017, 10:38
5 votes Vote

highlight text find on Google

Vine, 07.02.2017, 15:21
0 votes Vote

Make it high DPI-aware.

Clairvaux, 07.02.2017, 18:56
0 votes Vote

A cleaner, more modern style for the interface

Too many colours, conflicting colours, ugly colours, coloured backgrounds, text in unreadable colours, interface elements with quirky shapes... The graphical style is outdated, offensive and unprofessional. A designer should be hired for a...
Clairvaux, 07.02.2017, 19:03
0 votes Vote

import from evernote

Import from evernote and keep categories
Bob Levy, 07.02.2017, 19:13
0 votes Vote

load more icons in addition to default icons

Kuhol Supnet, 08.02.2017, 01:33
0 votes Vote

be able to transfer an entire document not just a copy of the document. When placing a document in AllMyNotes, I find I am left with the original and have to delete it

Lyrrem, 08.02.2017, 03:59